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"Saving One Dog/Cat Will Not Change the World,

but for that One Dog/Cat, the World Will Be Forever Changed.”

Darla’s Story

Darla is a sweet Boxer mix whose family was struggling with the decision of whether they could afford to put food on the table for their family or put food in Darla’s bowl. They could not afford to feed her dog food, so they fed her peanut butter sandwiches.


A Social Worker on one of our partner programs noticed that Derla needed pet food. She contacted Heidi’s Hope for Homeless Animals’ Pet Food Bank, who immediately provided her with dog food; new dog bed; dog brushes; new collar and leash; dog bowls; toys; treats and much more! In addition, Heidi’s Hope will be providing ongoing pet food donations to Darla on a monthly basis!


“Thank you for creating this resource for the animals here in NHC. I had a family that was feeding their dog peanut butter sandwiches. I took a 20 lb bag of pedigree. This dog would benefit from 2- 20 pound bags a month. Her name is Darla and she’s a mix between a boxer and something else. Thanks again, I know that Darla is grateful, I am too.”


Darla is only one of the faces of pets your donation is helping to feed. Thanks to your generosity, Darla and pets like her will continue to receive the pet food and pet supplies they desperately need.


When you donate to Heidi’s Hope for Homeless Animals Pet Food Bank, you not only fill their bowls with food, but also with hope!

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